Ruins & Rock Art Sites

The following list of Ruins & Rock Art Sites includes places already posted on gjhikes.com as well as ones that are found on our planning lists and maps. All total there are over 1,800 sites. Unless an inadvertent mistake has been made in editing we can vouch for the GPS coordinates for the sites that we have personally visited. For those that we haven't personally visited we are merely passing on either what others have shared or what we have found out by our own means. It is with this information that we set out with when visiting a site for the first time. Among the GPS locations are sites that are found on scanned topo maps. In the past we have found these to be highly reliable. Last of all there are coordinates that are derived from zooming in on Google Maps Satellite View and marking the locations of apparent ruins. We highly recommend doing that for any site that you are planning to visit using the map included on this page. We also suggest downloading the GPX file and saving it on your device. It doesn't take up much space and anytime you are near a site the waypoint will be visible on your GPS map.

Arizona - California - Colorado - Nevada - New Mexico - Texas - Utah

download GPX (last updated 10/8/23)

The list of sites isn't meant to be comprehensive by any means but rather just a drop in the bucket of places that we have at least some information about. In fact, as the process of adding sites to the map and lists is so tedious and time consuming, we decided to stop and make available what we had completed up to this point so that others that are more able can begin using even this small compilation of information. As always, ask permission if the site is on private property or tribal lands and visit with respect. (Some sites on tribal lands might require a guide or special permission.)

As many of you know, we have already published one book that, due to all the photos and maps that were included, contained only about 100 sites and was quite expensive in printed format. We had promised to publish a second volume but held back in order to find a way of including more sites for less money. Our plan now is to provide theses lists here on gjhikes.com where they can be freely accessible before making them available in book format. We already don't like the format of these pages so expect changes. Also expect additional sites to be added to the map and lists from time to time.