Gnawley Line

One-way Distance: 0.3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
MTB Skill level:
Elevation: 7189 - 7262 feet
Cellphone: 1-4 bars
Time: 10 mins.
Trailhead: County Road 10
Fee: none
Attractions: Short connector

Gnawley Line is located in the RAT-Ridgway Area Trails System near Ridgway, Colorado. The lower end of the trail begins near the point where Rattus Maximus crosses the gravel pit road. From there the trail parallels the road heading north while it travels along concealed by the pinyon and juniper tree forested hillside. Before reconnecting with the road at its upper end Gnawley Line is met by the Exterminator trail that drops off of the mountain from The Big Cheese. A short spur trail continues on the west side of the road that connects up with The Maze trail.

For this post we began at the upper end of the trail and rode it in the north to south or downhill direction.

The trail begins by crossing a little mound in the hill along a slightly rocky singletrack.

No sooner does it get started than it is met by the Exterminator.

From there the trail continues heading south through the trees.

The trail has less than 100 feet of elevation change from end to end.

A couple of non-optional rock features built into the trail keep it from falling into the easy skill level. This particular one lacks any packed dirt running up to it which makes it a bit awkward.

The next one is very similar.

Towards the end the trail comes out of the trees for a somewhat electric view of the San Juans.

It all comes to an end when Gnawley Line runs back into the road. Rattis Maximus is about 10 feet to the left as well as across the road where it meets up with The Maze. Gnawley Line is a good trail to get from the bottom of the Exterminator to wherever there is to go next as well as a good alternate route if you are looking for something different to do. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is grab your bike or 'Take a hike'.

NOTE: All trails are closed between December 1 to April 30.