Fins-N-Things South

One-way Distance: 3.1 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: 4700 - 4893 feet
Cellphone: 0-3 bars
Time: 1 hr. 15 mins.
Trailhead: Campsite Cluster H or E
Fee: $5/vehicle
Attractions: Scenic slickrock jeep trail

Fins-N-Things is a popular jeep trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area near Moab, Utah. This post follows the southern section of the trail beginning at the east end and hiking to the west end to where the trail crosses the Sand Flats Road. Much of the northern section of the trail is shown under the Radio Tower Loop post on this website.

Campsite Cluster H is about 3 miles past the entrance fee station on the Sand Flats Road. The Sand Flats Recreation Area currently has 128 campsites that are clustered into groups where each cluster has a restroom and most every site has a picnic table.

The trail begins by climbing a steep hill from the camping area.

An occasional trail sign will have a map of the area. Brochures with maps are available at the Moab Visitor Center and at the fee station.

The Fins-N-Things trail has some awesome slickrock but there are also some sandy dirt stretches.

At several spots it can be hard to get a good enough friction hold on the rock to hike up.

There are also a couple of tougher spots that can be skipped by taking an alternate route.

When it comes to the scenery in the Sand Flats Recreation Area it is hard to find much of anything to complain about.

The last stretch of the trail leads down to Campsite Cluster E. Since we were hiking we were actually going against the normal flow of traffic. The recommended direction of travel is counterclockwise which would be going from Cluster E toward Cluster H.

For this post I hiked the trail in only one direction. Surfer girl dropped me off at Campsite Cluster H and then picked me up here at the staging area. Hiking back wouldn't have been any big deal but we had other places to go after this. The southern section of Fins-N-Things seemed to have less traffic than there was on the other side of the road and as we mentioned, the scenery is gorgeous. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.