Chilkoot Pass

Round Trip Distance: 0.8-1.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Skill level:
Elevation: 4706 - 4755 feet
Cellphone: 0-3 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: Chilkoot or Agate/Jasper
Fee: none
Attractions: Easy trail

The Chilkoot Pass trail is located in the Klondike Bluffs Area north of Moab, Utah. The trail makes a loop that begins at the Chilkoot trailhead from where it climbs a small hill to a ridge and descends back to the trailhead. A connector trail that is 2 tenths of a mile in length makes Chilkoot Pass also accessible from the Agate/Jasper Loop trailhead. Chilkoot Pass is suitable for families with younger children whether hiking or mountain biking.

To get there either drive 23 miles north from Moab or about 9 miles south from the Crescent Junction exit on Interstate 70 and turn east at the North Klondike Bluff sign. Cross the railroad tracks and follow the dirt road for just over 1 mile to a fork in the road. The Chilkoot Pass trailhead comes up right before the fork. To get to the Agate/Jasper trailhead take the right fork and continue for another 4 tenths of a mile. For this post we began at the Chilkoot Pass trailhead and added the connector trail in later by beginning from the Agate/Jasper trailhead.

The trails in the Klondike Bluffs Area are some of the most well marked trails that you will find anywhere. Every trail has a sign at the trailhead with the trails name marked on it, as well as a map of the areas trails with the current location pointed out. Some new trails have been added recently and at present not all of the maps show all of the trails. Another nice feature is that the trails are color coded with stripes painted on the sections of slickrock. The well marked trails keep everyone following the proper routes thus avoiding the problems that occur when spurious side trails pop up.

The singletrack trail begins with a gentle climb as it heads across the parched landscape.

Long sweeping bends keep the grade at an easy 4%.

As the trail turns back toward the trailhead it passes through a field of dark patina boulders blackened during a time when magnesium was prevalent in the moisture.

At the 0.6 mile point of the trail Chilkoot Pass is met by the connector trail. From here it is 2 tenths of a mile to the left to get back to the Chilkoot trailhead and 2 tenths of a mile to the right to get to the Agate/Jasper trailhead.

At times when the road is in just good enough condition to make it this far the Chilkoot trailhead becomes the starting point for many of the other trails in the North Klondike Bluffs Area. It is actually just about as easy to reach all of the Klondike Bluffs trails from here as it is from anywhere else. Primitive camping is allowed along the roads wherever it isn't posted otherwise. Unless you are sleeping in your vehicle it is kind of bad form to set up camp at the trailheads though. At present the only toilet in the area is an outdoor privy at the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackway trailhead. As far as the Chilkoot Pass trail goes, if you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is grab your bike or 'Take a hike'.