#1 - Stay in the Wash Trail

Round Trip Distance: 6.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Elevation: 4596 - 4765 feet
Cellphone: 1-5 bars
Time: 2 hrs. 30 mins.
Trailhead: OHV Training Area
Fee: none
Attractions: Handy connector trail

Trail #1, a.k.a. The Stay in the Wash Trail, is located in the Rabbit Valley Area of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area near the Colorado/Utah state line west of Grand Junction, Colorado. The trail follows a wash that parallels a 2.5 mile stretch of the Kokopelli Trail. Since Trail #1 passes close by several camping and staging areas, and is intersected by various roads and other trails, it can be used as a handy connecting route while navigating through the surrounding area.

This post begins at the OHV Training Track near the west end of Trail #1. From Exit #2 on Interstate 70 drive south to the first intersection, turn left and drive past the Mountain Bike Staging Area, then turn right at the sign for the OHV Training Track.

To reach the very westernmost end of Trail #1 head west from the parking area and take the short spur trail that leads to Trails #1 and #3.

Trail #1 begins at the point where Trail #3 crosses the wash.

As the trail travels through the wash it varies between sand and loose rocks. For the most part it isn't too sandy or loose for a mountain bike but for longer distances through the area mountain bikes may find one of the various roads more suitable.

As the trail heads east it passes right behind the training track where it is intersected by Trail #4.

Continuing east for about another quarter mile and it is intersected by Trail #5.

Within another half mile the road leading to the Ridge Point trailhead near the beginning of Trail #8 cuts across the wash.

Just under 2 miles from where we set out there is a short spur trail that leads up to the Group Camping Area. The Group Area as you can see is just a big gravel place that is easy for motorhomes and large trailers to park and camp. Anyone with a tent can use the area as well. Like all the primitive camping sites in Rabbit Valley there is currently no fee for their usage. If you pick a site like this one that doesn't have a vault toilet then you will want to bring your own potty so you don't have to drive a mile and a half to the closest one. It's not like you can use the wash for a restroom seeing how it is a trail and there isn't much in the way of trees and bushes to hide in.

After you pass the Group Area the trail becomes a little less traveled and a bit more primitive.

Within another mile the trail passes by another camping area with a corral that is used mostly by equestrians.

The trail comes to an inglorious end at a point where the wash comes close to crossing the Kokopelli Trail.

There isn't a lot to Trail #1. Even though it is a double track it is closed to side-by-sides. ATV's and dirt bikes can probably have fun racing through the wash. Other than serving as a short connector between trails #3, #4 and #5 it appears to get a lot of use by campers taking short evening hikes. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.