Grotto Falls

Round Trip Distance: 0.6 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 6319 - 6467 feet
Cellphone: 0-2 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: Grotto Trail
Fee: none
Attractions: Scenic waterfall

The Grotto Trail #086 is located in the Uinta National Forest near Payson, Utah. This very popular trail leads to a waterfall that is tucked away within a picturesque little grotto. Carved into the limestone sediment the cave draws oohs and awes from all that see it.

The easiest and most direct route to the trailhead is to take Exit 248 on Interstate 15 and head east on W 800 S for 1.7 miles, crossing State St. and Main St. en route,  to S 600 E. Turn right onto S 600 E, which after about 3 tenths of a mile becomes the South Canyon Road, and continue driving for about 6.8 miles. The total distance from the intersection of W 800 S and S 600 E should come out to about 7.1 miles. The trailhead is right on a hairpin corner if you happen to be looking at a map.

The trail starts out as an easy stroll but there are some sections that are a little rockier.

Only sparse amounts of sunshine manage to filter through the thick canopy of trees.

The trail crosses Peteetneet Creek several times. Each crossing is made easier by bridges of various forms. It is easy to see how small children would love this playground in the woods.

For a small waterfall it is hard to imagine it any prettier. Of course, the amount of water varies with it being much heavier during spring runoff. This photo was taken around the 4th of July when the waters temperature and flow are more suitable for smaller children. On some days you might have to wait a few minutes to get a picture of the falls without anyone playing in the water.

Monkeyflowers are one of the variety of species that thrive in the cool wetness along the creek.

The Mount Nebo area has several campgrounds and picnic areas available for those wishing to spend a little more time in the area. There are other trails of varying levels of difficulty with the Devils Kitchen trail being one of the easiest and one that leads to the summit of Mount Nebo that is on the more difficult end of the scale. The Grotto Trail surely qualifies as one of the prettiest places in the area. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.