Kane Gulch

Round Trip Distance: 8-12 miles
Difficulty: Moderate +
Elevation: 5771 - 6430 feet
Cellphone: 0-3 bars
Time: 6 hrs.
Trailhead: Kane Gulch Ranger Station
Fee: $2/person, $5 if camping
Attractions: cliff dwelling, granaries, rock art

Kane Gulch is located in the Cedar Mesa/Grand Gulch Primitive Area west of Blanding, Utah. Kane Gulch is a tributary of the well known Grand Gulch. The area hosts numerous archaeological sites containing such things as cliff dwellings and granaries. For the most part the trails in the area are primitive in nature with little to no development. Popular routes are usually marked with cairns. Other than that hikers have the canyon walls and hopefully a good map to serve as their guides.