Lizard Head Loop

Round Trip Distance: 12.9 miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation: 10,040 - 12,116 feet
Cellphone: 0-2 bars
Time: 7 hrs. 15 mins.
Trailhead: Lizard Head
Fee: none
Attractions: Forest/alpine hike, scenic mountains

The Lizard Head trail is located in the Lizard Head Wilderness Area of the Uncompahgre and San Juan National Forests near Telluride, Colorado. The trail begins at the Lizard Head trailhead about 12 miles southwest of Telluride where it climbs above the 12,000 foot elevation on Black Face Ridge. The trail continues west to a point just below Lizard Head Peak before descending into Bilk Basin where it comes to an end at the Wilson Mesa trail. Stunning views of the surrounding peaks include Lizard Head Peak (13,114), Dolores Peak (13,290), El Diente (14,159), Mount Wilson (14,246) and Wilson Peak (14,017). This post follows the Lizard Head trail to the saddle between Lizard Head and Cross Mountain Peak, where the trail descends into Bilk Basin, and then backtracks to the Cross Mountain trail which it combines with the abandoned railroad bed of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad to create one big loop.