Blue-Orange/Pink/Red Purple/Violet - White - Yellow

It's hard to hike anywhere without noticing a large variety of wildflowers, shrubs and trees. If you are like us you often wonder what you are looking at and would like to know the name of each of the plants. This page is a layman's effort at making those identifications. Due to the large number of species and variations the naming of some plants can be difficult to almost impossible. On top of that, many plants have more than one common name and the one we choose may not be everyones favorite. Sometimes it is easier to search a book or the internet if you know the scientific name so we have included it in parenthesis below the common name. We are using the USDA Plants Database to confirm names and identifications whenever possible. Flowers are sorted by color to make them a little easier find. Assigning a color isn't always any easier than getting the name right. Feel free to share your comments or email us directly at gjhikes@yahoo.com.