Round Trip Distance: 1-5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: 1351 - 2430 feet
Cellphone: 3-5 bars
Time: 1-3 hrs.
Trailhead: Holbert
Fee: none
Attractions: Hohokam petroglyphs

The Holbert trail is located in the South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. Beginning from a parking lot near the Main Entrance on Central Avenue the trail gains over 1,000 feet of elevation as it climbs past the Dobbins Lookout and up to a connection with the Mariposa National Trail and comes to an end. Quite a few petroglyphs can be spotted on various boulders along the lower part of the trail.

For turn by turn directions you can enter 'Holbert Trailhead' into your driving app and it will direct you to the parking area that is off of South Central Avenue near the entrance to South Mountain Park.

The trail starts out by passing through a gap where petroglyphs can be seen on the rocks above the trail. The uneven and sometimes very rocky surface of the trail makes it more suitable to sturdy footwear.

After passing through the gap the trail enters a valley on the east side of the hill where it crosses a dry wash.

After crossing the wash some petroglyphs can be spotted on a boulder high up on the hill to the right of the trail. A good zoom lens or binoculars will bring them into better view.

As the Holbert trail continues around the base of the mountain even more petroglyphs can be found on boulders that are much closer to the route it follows.

It's easy enough to find boulders in this area with petroglyphs although some are quite faded. Oil from your skin will cause a chemical reaction that will dissolve the patina on the rock that the petroglyphs are etched in so be sure not to touch them. We actually have photos where the rock itself is eaten away from contact. Some of petroglyphs are right on the border of the trail making it very easy to get a closeup look.

We had to wonder how close the Holbert trail is to a place in the area where a crane could be spotted assuming that is what this image is portraying.

Of the many petroglyphs that we spotted this one was a personal favorite. We're guessing a shaman.

After crossing the valley the trail leaves the petroglyphs behind and begins a steady climb that takes it high up in the South Mountain Preserve.

This photo that is looking out over the basin where the downtown area can be seen off in the distance. In the foreground the Holbert trail can be seen that leads up the mountain to this point. It's a great trail for getting in a good workout.

When we took the photos for this post our goal was just to check out the petroglyphs but we ended up hiking past that point to see what the rest of the trail was like. Parts of the trail get pretty rough where it climbs past rocky outcrops in the mountain but that is so typical of most Phoenix mountain trails that it is hardly worth mentioning. There are other petroglyphs on trails close by like a transplanted boulder at the Ranger Station and along the Judith Tunnel and Kiwanis trails. As far as the Holbert trail goes, if you would like to see it for yourself all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.