Bloomington Petroglyph Park

Round Trip Distance: 0.1 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 2594 - 2606 feet
Cellphone: 3-5 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: Navajo Dr. & Geronimo Rd.
Fee: none
Attractions: Petroglyphs

Bloomington Petroglyph Park is located in a residential subdivision in the community of Bloomington in St. George, Utah. The site is made up of several large boulders that have hundreds of petroglyphs that were left by the ancient inhabitants of the area. Some of the petroglyphs appear to be part of a solar calendar that may have been used to identify special times of the year for ceremonies that may also have occured at the same location.

The park is on the corner of Navajo Drive and Geronimo Road. Driving apps should know the location of the Bloomington Petroglyph Park but if not you can take either Interstate 15 Exit 2 or Exit 4 and then get onto Pioneer Road, aka the I-15 Frontage Road,  which runs along the west side of the interstate. Follow Pioneer Road to Man O War Road and turn west. Make a left turn when you reach Bloomington Drive and follow it as it loops around and begins heading northerly until you get to Navajo Drive where you turn west once again and after a short distance reach the park at the corner of Geronimo Drive.

The park is open daily between 6 am and 6pm. As this is a residential area please be respectful of the neighborhood.

What you see is all the hiking that is required.

Many of the images on the first boulder are lost forever as the surface of the rock has gradually peeled away taking whatever was there along with it.

Just behind that rock is a large upright boulder with a smooth surface that is covered with petroglyphs from one edge to the other.

The top of the first boulder is also decorated with glyphs.

We like to sometimes outline the images on our computer to make them easier to see but it would be too daunting a task in this case.

There are a few images that manage to stand out from the tangled lines of spaghetti. The images here may have been part of a solar calendar.

A few places on the rocks have the telltale signs of grinding.

Rock art sites don't get much easier to visit than Bloomington Petroglyph Park. Remember not to touch the petroglyphs or do anything to damage them. If you have kids with you be sure to instruct them on the importance of not touching them before they get a chance. It is illegal to harm them even accidently. One nice thing about this site is that it is surrounded by people that can help keep an eye on it. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.