Big Feet Panel

Round Trip Distance: 0.2 - 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 5773 - 5880 feet
Cellphone: 0-3 bars
Time: 45 mins.
Trailhead: Posey's Trail
Fee: none
Attractions: Petroglyphs, scenic view

The Big Feet Panel is located west of Blanding, Utah in the Cedar Mesa/Comb Wash area near the point where Posey's trail crosses Comb Ridge. Chief Posey was in a skirmish with local settlers back in 1923 that is considered to be the last 'Indian War' in the country. After being wounded in the hip on Comb Ridge his body was later found down below in Comb Wash where he had apparently died from blood poisoning. The Big Feet Panel probably predates Posey's time indicating that the route the trail by his name follows had probably been in use for quite some time.

To get there head south out of Blanding and turn west on UT-95 toward Natural Bridges National Monument. Continue for about 6.3 miles and turn right onto the Cottonwood Road, aka County Road 228.

Go left just past where the pavement ends at the 1 mile point from UT-95.

At the 5.5 mile point from UT-95 Posey's trail branches off on the right from County Road 240. Posey's trail is marked with a brown carsonite post with a number '1' on it. The road up to this point should be passable by 2wd passenger vehicles with normal ground clearance. As you head down Posey's trail the road becomes more and more primitive until it requires a high clearance 4wd. A few hundred feet down the trail there is a spot on the left before the road gets too rough that makes a good place to park.

Just past the quarter mile point Posey's trail has a dog leg in it that goes around a washed out section.

Just before the half mile point Posey's trail drops down through a band in the cliff that has been blasted out for vehicles. Right before reaching that spot the trail to the Big Feet Panel leaves the road on the left and steps up onto a bench or ledge that wraps around the cliffs. Jeeps and other off highway vehicles can park here and only have to hike 5 or 6 hundred more feet to get to the petroglyphs.

As the trail comes out onto the west side of Comb Ridge the petroglyphs start coming into view.

Was this image pecked to make it look wooly or is that just erosion at work? If that is a spear or atlatl then nice shot.

Family portraits took a lot longer in those days.

It's kinda cute when an image of a penis shooting semen into a vulva is seen by some as a pair of big feet.

If you zoom out and examine the rest of the panel there is a dashed line with a kokopelli flute player on the left that is standing on top of the line, maybe imbuing it with his power. Next on the line is an adolescent with both feet on the line. Next is good ole dad with his penis touching the line followed by mommy who has one leg on the line and the other up in the air and her vulva extended. The whole thing reminds me of the Prince Albert tobacco cans that kids used to pencil over some of the letters so that the ones that remained read: 'Pa screwed ma to make me and Pat.' If you see a pair of big feet though, that's cool.

One thing that everyone will have to agree on is that the view of Comb Wash from this spot is incredible.

We had heard or read a story years ago of a boy reminiscing about being with his dad as they drove their old truck up Posey's trail and lumbering past some petroglyphs. We had them in the back of our mind while hiking back from the Tower Ruin when we met up with someone that mentioned them. That's all it took for us to finally pay them a visit. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.