PJ Way

Round Trip Distance: 0.9 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
MTB Skill level:
Elevation: 6239 - 6460 feet
Cellphone: 2-4 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: Buzzard Gulch
Fee: none
Attractions: Pinion and Juniper forest

PJ Way is part of the Buzzard Gulch Trails in the Dry Creek Recreation Area near Montrose, Colorado. The trail begins off the lower end of the Buzzard Gulch trail where it climbs to higher ground along a route that winds its way through a pinion and juniper forest for almost 1 mile before rejoining the Buzzard Gulch trail and coming to an end.

This post begins at the upper end of PJ Way near the 1.9 mile point of the Buzzard Gulch trail.

PJ Way starts out along a nice singletrack where there is a good bit of sagebrush mixed in with the p&j (pinions & junipers).

It just goes to show that accidents can happen even on an easy stretch of trail.

Most of PJ Way is pretty easy as it starts out. There are a few small rocks mixed in with the mostly dirt track.

The first bigger rocks that come up have been ramped over for an easier transition.

The rocky patch only lasts 40 or 50 yards before the trail smooths out again.

For the rest of the way across the top of the mesa the route gently winds its way through the trees.

The trail maintains a gradual downhill slope until it reaches the edge of the hill above Buzzard Gulch where the grade begins getting steeper.

A glance at the trails elevation profile shows its general downhill trend going in this direction with a near 100 foot drop near the end.

The steeper end of the trail is spread out over a tenth of a mile making it not too bad even if going in the uphill direction.

PJ Way comes to an end when it reunites with the Buzzard Gulch trail. From here it is a little less than a half mile out to the trailhead. Staring at the trailhead and making a loop out of Buzzard Gulch and PJ Way comes out to about 3.2 miles round trip. With all the nearby trails there are lots of options to extend the distance to meet your needs. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.