Walker's Dream

Round Trip Distance: 0.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy
MTB Skill level:
Elevation: 7499 - 7600 feet
Cellphone: 3-5 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: West Mount Falcon Park
Fee: none
Attractions: Summer White House

Walker's Dream is located in the Mount Falcon Park near Morrison, Colorado. A short trail leads to a site on a craggy point where in 1911 John Walker proposed to build a 'Castle in the Clouds' hanging on the side of a cliff that was modeled after castles in Europe and present it as a gift from the people of Colorado as a summer home for the Presidents of the United States. The project however never made it past the laying of the foundation and cornerstone which can be seen at the end of a short trail.

To get to the trailhead drive south on Highway 8 from its junction with Highway 74 for 2 miles. Keep right and merge onto Highway 285 and continue for 2.58 miles and turn right onto the Parmalee Gulch Road.  From there simply follow the signs for a little over 1.5 miles to Mount Falcon Park.

Walkers Dream begins off of the Castle trail near the 1.3 mile point from the West Mount Falcon trailhead.

The trail starts out along a wide path as it begins climbing the small hill.

Things get a bit rockier in places as the trail nears the top of the hill.

There are several spots along the way where hikers can relax and take in distant views of the Denver area.

The site is reached at the top of the hill where the foundation of Walker's Dream can be seen clinging to the rocky cliff.

The marble cornerstone sits as it was placed over a century ago.

Interesting facts about Walker's Dream can be gleaned from a marker at the site.

Parts of the foundation are obscured by trees and brush that have since grown up around them but enough can be seen to realize how the structure was to hang right on the edge of the mountain just like many castles in Europe that were built for defensive purposes.

Viewing the local wildlife, like some deer that were near the beginning of the trail, is always a treat. With ears like a rabbit the Abert's or Tassel-eared squirrels are sure to provide a brief bit of entertainment for visitors at the Mount Falcon Park.

The Castle trail continues for just over two and a half miles down to the East Mount Falcon trailhead. Back in the direction of the west trailhead a hundred feet or so is the Two Dog trail which also has some nice views of the foothills and plains. Even though Walker's Dream is a relatively short trail hikers will accrue over 3 miles by the time they get to and from it. Walker's Dream is an interesting place to reflect upon the type of men that built this country and the ideals that some of them held. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is 'Take a hike'.