Yes N Deedee

Round Trip Distance: 1.1 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Skill level:
Elevation: 4668 - 4753 feet
Cellphone: 3-5 bars
Time: 30 mins.
Trailhead: Tabeguache
Fee: none
Attractions: Easy loop after moderate climb

The Yes N Deedee trail is located in the Lunch Loop Trail System in Grand Junction, Colorado. The trail makes a loop around the middle bench of the Threes Sisters area of the Lunch Loop. After an initial climb up a moderately technical section of the hillside the trail begins a mostly easy loop. Yes N Deedee is connected to by the Nor'easter trail, the Hilltop trail in two places and  it shares part of its route with the Big Sister Loop.

The Yes N Deedee trail begins off of the Hop, Skip and a Jump trail.

The trail starts out angling up the side of the hill on a gradual slope.

After a couple hundred feet the Hilltop trail breaks off on the right. The Hilltop trail is open to hiking only.

As the trail continues climbing along the side of the hill the grade increases in several spots. Several rocky ledges provide the only real challenges to the otherwise easy climb.

A little before the quarter mile point the trail levels off and begins a loop. For this post we followed the loop in the clockwise direction by going to the left.

The trail remains mostly level as it rolls around the contours of the landscape.

As the trail begins looping around in the other direction it begins a gentle climb.

The Nor'easter trail breaks off on the left as Yes N Deedee continues. The elevation grade increases as the trail climbs past a rocky area right before it junctions with the Big Sister Loop.

The next section of the trail is shared with the Big Sister Loop. The route makes a close pass along a scenic cliff as it loops back to the west.

As the trail turns back towards the beginning of the loop the Big Sister Loop continues straight ahead and the Hilltop trail climbs through the intersection on its trek up the mountain.

The loop comes to an end around the 1 mile point and the trail drops back down the hill to where it began. The Yes N Deedee trail gets a good mix of mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners on a daily basis. Many locals out walking their dogs for their morning constitutional tend to arrive early in the day. They are an amiable bunch that gladly yield the trail to mountain bikes when they hear them approaching and rarely fail to clean up after their pets. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is grab your bike or 'Take a hike'.