One-way Distance: 1.1 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
MTB Skill level:
Elevation: 5047 - 5234 feet
Cellphone: 2-5 bars
Time: 20 mins.
Trailhead: North Fruita Desert
Fee: none
Attractions: Advanced downhill

The Mojoe trail is located in the 18 Road Area north of Fruita, Colorado. The trail offers a downhill route with more advanced jumps and features than those on the Pumps Bumps and Rollers trail. The trails in the 18 Road Area range from easy downhills like Kessel Run to heart pounding workouts like Frontside and epic marathons like the 28 mile long Edge Loop. Depending upon how it is ridden the Mojoe trail falls in the easy to moderate endurance range that requires a moderate to advanced set of mountain biking skills.

The Mojoe trail begins across V 7/10 Road from where Joe's Ridge ends.

A sign at the start of the trail cautions to 'Ride within your limits'.

The trail begins innocent enough.

But quickly finds its first jump.

Most of the jumps have a 'roll around'. Whether those were designed into the trail or came afterwards is unknown to us.

Somewhere around the midpoint the trail finds a wash to follow.

We joke about these being the 18 Roads version of a halfpipe that is laid out like a toboggan run.

There are a few rocks thrown in for a little variety. This is actually the only spot that is very rocky. Most of the trail is a relatively smooth dirt track.

There is a nice ramp up on a rock jump added into the mix. Don't miss the ramp or you might be leaving your bike behind.

Near the end of the trail there is one final jump with a good approach and a nice line for the landing. We have come by here and seen over a dozen kids lined up taking turns on this one while someone else took pictures for them.

Mojoe is a good trail to sharpen your downhill mountain biking skills on. It doesn't have any steep plunges like Joe's Ridge and Zippity Do Da but it has other features that those trails are missing. The Mojoe trail not only literally takes off where Joe's Ridge ends but skills wise it takes up where the Pumps Bumps and Rollers trail
leaves off. If you would like to see it for yourself then all you have to do is grab your bike or 'Take a hike'.